Aloha and thank you for visiting my site!

I am Claire Tatsumi Stucklen, the owner and operator of Maui Essential Oils. I have an extensive background in health and wellness. From growing up on the beach and experiencing the full glory of Mother Nature first hand, I chose to expand my education in the field of Social Ecology and Global Peace and Conflict studies to better understand the intricacies of the planet we live on and the people and cultures we co-habitat with. Post University I began my 20+ year career in massage and alternative healing modalities. My goal is to inspire conscious living through natural wellness and easily pass on to you the knowledge and tools I’ve gathered to maintain that state of well-being.

My wellness modalities include: Custom Essential Oil Blending, ZytoScan Readings, AromaTouch, AquaCranial, LomiLomi, LaStone/Lomi Pohaku, Deep Tissue, Healing Touch, Hawaiian Temple Bodywork, Energy  work, Crystals, Sound, Chakra Balancing, Pre and Post Natal, TriYoga Instruction, Integrative Wellness Workshops and Apprenticeships.

The power of essential oils has been documented for centuries around the globe. Through natural plant medicine, essential oils have provided a safe and effective support for the entire bodymind system. I have chosen to partner with and integrate into my modalities the doTERRA brand of Essential Oils. Established in 2008, doTERRA is the largest essential oil company on the planet. The purity, potency and effectiveness of the oils are incomparable.  The integrity of the company matched with their Co-Impact Sourcing model, continues to confirm that my collaboration is making a difference in this world.

Upon request, it would be my delight to send you a free sample and information fact sheet on Essential Oil Uses. Please enjoy essential oils with knowledge and caution.

Thank you and have a great day!


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